I'm pleased to report that the 2015 Swim for Clean Water went off as planned on Wednesday August 12th, in the very clean waters of Pleasant Lake near Casco, ME. The Swim for Clean Water has netted $11,700 for UNICEF's Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programs so far, and donations are still coming in. I'm very grateful to everyone who has contributed so generously. Many thanks to Louise Fritts Johnson and Holly Graham of Camp Arcadia for their enthusiasm for the project, and to our able lifeguard Rhys Green. I would like to give credit as well to my husband, Alexis Romay, who trains with me and inspires me to swim, even on days I'd rather not.

Every day, over 1,000 children around the world die from lack of sanitation, poor hygiene practices or contaminated drinking water. But UNICEF is on the case: since 1990, UNICEF's programs have helped over 2.1 billion vulnerable people gain access to clean water and sanitation. I thank you for your consideration of this project.



PS: There is no deadline to support this cause—contributions to UNICEF are always welcome! You can make a check out to "US Fund for UNICEF," and send it to Juliette Cho, Swim for Clean Water, US Fund for UNICEF, 125 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038. Or contact Juliette Cho by phone: 212-880-9105, or email:

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What's your favorite movie? The one that still speaks to you years after you first saw it? As a lifelong cinema fan, I've always been intrigued by how the movies shape and haunt us. In my new novel, Don't Make a Scene, I wanted to explore what happens when the eternal allure of classic movies collides with the daily indignities of contemporary life. Take a look, read an excerpt or an interview, check out the list of films that make a cameo appearance in the novel. I hope you enjoy the book, and if you have strong opinions of any kind, I hope you'll get in touch to let me know. Thank you for visiting, and happy reading!


CVS Revisited, From Across the Pond

Is there anything more humiliating than explaining medical issues of a personal nature in a foreign language? Perhaps I was a bit hasty recently when I compared CVS to a vertically integrated hydra of world domination. Last week, on vacation to Italy, I had reason to feel nostalgic for the US model of self-service, as poor packing meant several visits to farmacias for basic over-the-counter products…
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