Dear Reader,

Welcome to my new outpost on the web! Change and course adjustment are in the air: after publishing three books of comic fiction firmly grounded in contemporary life (see below), I found myself completely immersed in ancient Rome, writing a novel about the assassination of a violent and sadistic emperor (who really deserved it).

Why? I’ve always been fascinated and repulsed by ancient Rome in equal measure; there is a constant tension between the wisdom and the depravity. And there’s so much depravity to choose from —truly a gift to a writer!

Naturally, I couldn’t possibly confine myself to historical commentary alone. So tune in here for thoughts on other things, like the after-life of rock stars, method and motivation for writers, and how not to lose your keys, your phone, or even your mind. Sign up for my monthly newsletter, or bookmark this page, tell your friends all about it, and come back often.

Banner illustration by Andy Bridge, typography by Pascale Bridge.