lg_wasit_cover_buy“A true comedy of bad manners. . . an infectious celebration of neurotic love. Hands down, irresistible.”

— Sonja Kindley,

“Miracles do happen: an urban love story, Manhattan set, in which the fact that two lovers have everything stacked against them – insanely controlling parents, manic workplaces, and their own confused selves – results in a brilliantly funny and even wise first novel. . . Block has taken the pulse of love in the 90s with verve and panache.”

— Kirkus (starred review)

“Though the plot mirrors urban life all too well, Block slyly chronicles the neuroses, annoyances and chemistry that bind this unlikely, likeable duo.”

— Entertainment Weekly

“Watching yuppies negotiate the perils of love . . . has rarely been so much fun as in this comedy of Manhattanite manners from first-timer Block. By documenting every twist, speed bump, and roadblock on the relationship highway, she deftly mingles mundane details . . .with fleeting moments of delirious happiness.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Like a Jane Austen novel, a wonderfully funny, smart, and ultimately satisfying look at the often rocky road to marriage. With a keen sense of observation and a wicked sense of humor, Valerie Block has written a bright comic chronicle of love and life in our time.”

— Binnie Kirshenbaum,
author of Hester Among the Ruins

“Three parts humor to one part horror, “Was It Something I Said?” considers the perils and possibilities of personal and professional compromise. And it barely misses a beat.”

— Maggie Galehouse,
The Washington Post

“With wry humor and sweet pathos Block puts her vivid, irresistible characters through the relationship wringer as they analyze nuances of every action and reaction on the way to finding the right match.”

— Kathleen Eagle,
The Twin Cities Star Tribune

“I’ve never read anything as amusing, current, and true-to-life. Valerie Block has managed to catch the stream of consciousness of a whole generation. What a hoot.”

— Olivia Goldsmith,

“A smart, sexy novel about love and life in New York City.”

— Cosmopolitan