lg_none_cover_buy“Not only is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS a terrific mystery story; it’ll also be the funniest book you’ve read all year.”

— David Montgomery,
Chicago Sun Times


“Spike the world weariness of Elmore Leonard with the exuberance of Carl Hiasson and you have Block’s deadpan descriptions of human nature and urban existence… With her light, dancing rhythms and syncopated style, Block keeps us guessing as she leads us into lives that are neither perfect nor pathetic and reveals our deeply strange species to be, if anything, underrated.”

 — Anna Mundow, Newsday

“Doesn’t Valerie Block know that mystery dialogue isn’t supposed to sparkle? Doesn’t she realize it’s supposed to be hard-boiled to the point of inedibility? . . . [None of Your Business is] an episode of Law and Order scripted by Candace Bushnell. And, if that’s not enough, for maximum degree of difficulty, Block supplies us with that rarest of creatures, a sympathetic, believable and deliciously malicious villain who by the end of the book has stolen not only the $100 million but the show as well.” –Lev Grossman, TIME magazine

“[NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS] is perfectly wonderful and an absolute gem of a read.”–Nancy Sapir, the Kingston Observer

“Valerie Block’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS is an enticing enterprise.”— Eugen Weber, the Los Angeles Times

“If you haven’t been practicing safe computing habits up until now, this book will open your eyes… [But] you don’t have to be computer savvy to enjoy the story… It’s a witty crime story for everyone.” — Francine Brokaw, El Segundo Herald

“As Block demonstrated in WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID?, she has Richard Condon’s manic energy and the here-and-now vocabulary of this week’s Time Out New York. Oh, and she has the police procedural thing down pat. Best of all, she has a comic streak that’s ruthless yet weirdly compassionate, because it’s truly character-driven.” — Publishers Weekly

“NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS is a delightful and original romp.” — Ann Helmuth, Chicago Tribune

“Block follows up her comic romance WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID? (1998) with an unusual and hilarious take on the police procedural…No one is immune to scrutiny in this sprawling, entertaining novel full of eccentric New Yorkers whose lives are not proceeding quite as they had planned.” –Carrie Bissey, Booklist

“Computer crimes, crooked accountants, and stolen identities form the building blocks of this entertaining second novel from Block.” — Library Journal